Sea Kayaking

Aberporth bay to Tresaith by Kayak

Our Sea Kayaking trips are simply the best way to see the stunning coast of West Wales.

Session Details Option 1

Our guided Sea kayak trip North of Cardigan at Aberporth

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Distance:Varied we go by the groups ability on the day

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email

Minimum age: Recommended age of 10+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites for solo paddling. We have a double sea kayak on request.

Session Details Option 2

Our guided Sea kayak trip South of Cardigan

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Distance:Varied we go by the groups ability on the day

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email

Minimum age: Recommended age of 10+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites for solo paddling. We have a double sea kayak on request.

We will provide you with:
  • full winter wetsuit
  • buoyancy aid
  • helmet
  • Sea kayak, paddle
  • (in the colder months we add more neoprene to more skin to make the session even better)

  • You will need to bring:
  • Shoes which will get wet, old trainers are best, idealy they have a good sole and dont come off easily.
  • Towel
  • Swimming costume
  • We provide wetsuits, but in the summer where it is nice and warm, shorts and teashirt are fine if you prefer.
  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Water
  • Adverse condition

    If the sea is to rough or to windy to make a safe trip we will adapt the session or change to an alternative session / location. We can still do the session in the rain.

    Swim ability:

    None requried, please let us know if you may struggle in the unfortunate event you fall in. Climbing back onto the kayak does require physical effort, we can aid this action but just be aware it may be physical.

    Sea Kayaking on both the Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion coast line.

    Why Sea Kayak with us?

    Sea Kayaking with Adventure Beyond is a unique and sublime experience. We are lucky enough to have some of Wales' most beautiful coastline right on our front door. You will paddle along at your own pace, marvelling at the stunning views of Britain's only coastal National Park, much of which is also a designated "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" (AONB). As you mingle with the wildlife and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you, you will be experiencing the coastline from a completely new perspective. And if needed, we can take advantage of the natural harbours and havens in the area to escape the pressures of the weather, to ensure you enjoy your introduction to Sea Kayaking.

    Playing with waves (rock hoping) whilst sea kayaking
    Playing with waves

    Playing with waves (rock hoping) just for fun

    Close encounter with local wildlife
    Seal kissing Sea kayak

    Close encounter with local wildlife

    Sea kayaking in a cave
    Exploring a cave

    Sea kayaking in the Witches cauldron

    Due to the ease of paddling and the quietness of the Kayak's we are able to see wildlife which are often curious of us and come for a closer look.

    The seas around Wales also have some of the greatest tidal ranges in the world, which, along with our rocky, reef-filled coastline and changeable weather ensures that we can 'get down to it' and have some fun. In a large swell we will be busy surfing some great waves - come and join whether it's a one time fun experience, or a multi-day expedition. If you want to come along and have a Sea Kayaking experience with Adventure Beyond, don't be afraid to get in touch. All of our Sea Kayaking sessions will consist of a brief introduction to what a Sea Kayak is and an amount of time to get used to the boat once you have been taught all the basic paddling skills you need to know.

    camp during a sea kayaking expedition
    Evening camp

    Enjoy a remote camping experience;

    Passing Dolphin coming in for a closer look
    Passing dolphin

    Resident Bottle nose Dolphin

    Sea Kayaking in Cardigan Bay

    Journey on an expedition

    Cardigan bay at its best

    What to bring for the session

    We provide you with:

    All required safety equipment for your Session. Wetsuit, Buoyancy aid, Helmet, (Wetsuit, hood, gloves, socks depending upon season ).

    Qualified Sea kayak Instructor.

    We would like you to bring:

    Sensible footwear which will get wet (if you are unsure please ask). We recommend old trainers, we will bring a assortment of old ones but can not guarantee they will fit.


    Bather's to go under the wetsuit;

    Sun cream (yes, even in Wales)

    Camera (optional) We can not guarantee it will stay dry or safe.

    How do we get back to our car

    All of our standard sea kayak trips come back to the same beach, if you are on an expedition we will arrange a shuttle.

    Questions and answers

    Can we do the Activity in the rain?

    Yes - ;Sea Kayaking can be done in the rain.

    Are kayaks stable?

    For introduction sessions we use a sit on top kayak. These are stable and have no inside for you to worry about, if you fall off just climb on again.

    What happens if the sea is really rough?

    Rough seas can make the activity more fun in most cases, however it is really rough we will contact you prior to the session to make alternative arrangements. This could be a different location which is protected from the rough sea or an alternative activity if they sea really is unsafe to be in like using the local river.;

    Can we change our Activities?

    Yes, you would just need to let us know in advance, and the more notice you give us the more flexible we can be.

    Can I wear contact lenses or glasses?

    Yes: people do wear contact lenses and say its ok but I don't where them so just go on others word. Glasses can be worn but its best to have a leash attached. If they fall off or get broken we can not be held responsible. If they are important to your driving think wisely before taking on session.

    What group sizes can you accommodate?

    Large and small groups can be accommodated please contact us for more information.

    Do we need to be able to swim?

    No it is unnecessary we provide you with enough floating kit that all you need to do is move your arms to move around.;

    Do you have equipment to fit all sizes?

    Yes - we have a wide range of sizes in all of our equipment. Before you head out on your activities our Instructors will ensure that all equipment fits correctly and they'll make any necessary changes.

    What if I have a medical condition?

    Our Instructors are trained to deal with different situations, so we can easily accommodate people with diabeties, asthma, mild epilepsy, autism and more. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you require a waterproof container to bring medication please let us know in advance.


    The wetsuits are made out of Neoprene which is a synthetic rubber.

    We clean the Wetsuits with disinfectant which:

    • Does NOT contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol
    • Is NON-toxic, NON-staining, NON-tainting and a NON-irritant at all working dilutions
    • Is kind to the environment, as it is water-based and biodegradable
    • Is manufactured in the United Kingdom and efficacy tested by recognised UK laboratories

    Sea Kayaking Expedition

    We also run overnight trips for up to 4 days, travelling up to 60+ km of the beautiful South West Coastline. The accommodation can vary from camping out to staying in local villages. Here is an idea of what you are going to get up to on one of these trips:

    During the trip:

    We visit the small towns and villages of West Wales.

    We can fish from the boat for our evening meal.

    We can look at the geology.

    We can study and photograph the wildlife.

    Click the link below, it's a great video about Sea Kayaking and using best practice when out Sea Kayaking:

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