Gorge Walking

Gorge walking Brecon Beacons National Park

Gorge Walking combines our experience of rivers and rock to provide an exhilarating day scrambling through the gorges of Wales. You'll be submitting yourself to the challenges that the natural gorge throws at you.

Session Details Option 1

Guided Gorge walking session Neath Valley at Dinas Rock

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 / 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email

Minimum age: Recommended age of 8+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites.

Session Details Option 2

Guided Gorge walking in Mid Wales

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 / 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email

Minimum age: Recommended age of 8+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites.

What to bring / wear?

We will provide you with:
  • Full winter wetsuit
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • (in the colder months we add more neoprene to more skin to make the session even better)

  • You will need to bring:
  • Shoes which will get wet, old trainers are best, idealy they have a good sole and dont come off easily.
  • Towel
  • Swimming costume
  • shorts to go over the wetsuit
  • Adverse condition

    If the river is high to make a safe trip we will adapt the session or change to an alternative session / location. We can still do the session in the rain.

    Swim ability:

    None requried, as you will float in the all the equipment. Please advise us if you are a non swimmer or nervous in the water so we can best cater for you during the session. The river is narrow so you are never far from nearest bit of land.

    Gorge Walking along the river bed

    Moving up the river

    Walking on uneven ground can be challenge

    Gorge Walking Wales

    What a day

    So peaceful in the water on a hot day

    Run and jump off a cliff during a Gorge walk


    Run and jump off the cliff

    What is it?

    If you are after a wet and wild day out then this is for you. We will jump, squeeze, float or scramble down every rapid, waterfall or canyon we encounter. You will have an adrenaline-packed day to remember. We Gorge Walk at a number of venues within Wales. On arrival we will kit you out in a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet. One of our Guides will give you a safety briefing before you get underway.

    Our gorge related activities vary due to river/rainfall levels but we have a wide range of venues to choose from so we can provide you with the ideal location to suit the needs of your group - our rivers range from slow and sedate to white and wild. Gorge Walking is an all-year-round activity so it's ideal for a birthday party activity, a family day out or a stag or hen party.

    Dinas Rock

    A popular venue we use is Dinas Rock, Neath. In the 19th Century this area was a Gunpowder Works which supplied ammunition for the coalfields of South Wales. This was the ideal location for such an industry thanks to it's thick deep woodlands and the tumbling water being a natural power source. During a Gorge Walk here at Dinas Rock you are scaling some of the waterfalls that were used to produce power for the Gunpowder Works and you will also see remains of ammunition from the Gunpowder Works. As well as discovering such fascinating history during your Gorge Walk you are also surrounded by a natural environment which serves as the playground for your safe and guided session with Adventure Beyond.

    Mid Wales

    This a great venue for those who are staying along the coast of Cardigan bay and mid Wales. It offers a stunning gorge running through the Welsh country side in a quite remote area offering you the chance for a wonderful exploration in the gorge in a location forgotten by time.

    What to bring for the session

    We provide you with:

    All required safety equipment for your Session. Wetsuit, Buoyancy aid, Helmet, (Wetsuit, hood, gloves, socks depending upon season ).

    Qualified Gorge walking Instructor.

    We would like you to bring:

    Sensible footwear which will get wet (if you are unsure please ask). We recommend old trainers, we will bring a assortment of old ones but can not guarantee they will fit.


    Bather's to go under the wetsuit 

    Sun cream (yes, even in Wales)

    Camera (optional) We can not guarantee it will stay dry or safe.

    How do we get back to our car

    The route we take is circular.

    Questions and answers

    Can we do the Activity in the rain?

    Yes - Gorgewalking can be done in the rain.

    Do Gorge walking trips happen all year round?


    Can we change our Activities?

    Yes, you would just need to let us know in advance, and the more notice you give us the more flexible we can be.

    Can I wear contact lenses or glasses?

    Yes: people do wear contact lenses and say its ok but I don't where them so just go on others word. Glasses can be worn but its best to have a leash attached. If they fall off or get broken we can not be held responsible. If they are important to your driving think wisely before taking on session.

    What group sizes can you accommodate?

    Large and small groups can be accommodated please contact us for more information.

    Do we need to be able to swim?

    No it is unnecessary we provide you with enough floating kit that all you need to do is move your arms to move around.

    Do you have equipment to fit all sizes?

    Yes - we have a wide range of sizes in all of our equipment. Before you head out on your activities our Instructors will ensure that all equipment fits correctly and they'll make any necessary changes.

    What if I have a medical condition?

    Our Instructors are trained to deal with different situations, so we can easily accommodate people with diabeties, asthma, mild epilepsy, autism and more. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you require a waterproof container to bring medication please let us know in advance.


    The wetsuits are made out of Neoprene which is a synthetic rubber.

    We clean the Wetsuits with disinfectant which:

    • Does NOT contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol
    • Is NON-toxic, NON-staining, NON-tainting and a NON-irritant at all working dilutions
    • Is kind to the environment, as it is water-based and biodegradable
    • Is manufactured in the United Kingdom and efficacy tested by recognised UK laboratories

    Gorge walking is also a fantastic way to learn about the river environment - our sites are ecologically important sites and your guide will be on hand to show you each location's social and natural history. This activity makes an excellent alternative Geography Field Trip for school and college groups. Our minimum age is eight.

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