Climbing session

Session Details Option 1

Climbing in a woodland above the river Teifi, 10 minutes from Llandysul.

Duration: 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 / 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email.

Minimum age: Recommended age of 6+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites.

Session Details Option 2

Climbing on a coastal cliff close to St Davids

Duration: 3 hours

Sesion times: 0930-1230 / 1330-1630 (arrivals to farewells)

Distance:1.8km Walk from the carpark to the climbing venue with the guide

Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email

Minimum age: Recommended age of 6+ but this is flexable as every person has different abilites.

What to bring / wear?

We will provide you with:
  • Harness
  • Helmet

  • You will need to bring:
  • Trainers / flat sensible footwear.
  • Appropriate clothing for the conditon on the day
  • Option 2 its worth bringing small bag, with spare layer and water as its a remote location and sometimes breezier than the carpark.
  • Adverse condition

    If the weather is not looking favarable to make a safe session we will adapt the session or change to an alternative session / location. We can still do the session in the rain.

    The Rock Climbing Experience

    Our Climbing sessions are ideal for everyone, whether you're looking for your very first outdoor rock climbing experience or looking to improve your skills. We supply the equipment required and one of our skilled Instructors will coach you through your session. The routes will be set by the Instructor in ascending difficulty. Our climbing sessions are suitable for all ages and are a great confidence builder.


    Whilst climbers use abseiling out of necessity to get to the bottom of climbs most people consider it to be an interesting activity in itself. We can take groups on Abseiling sessions throughout the South/West Wales area.

    Abseiling Pembrokeshire

    Abseiling on sea cliff

    Heading down for another climb

    Cardigan castle abseil

    Cardigan Castle

    Abseiling event off the castle wall

    School group climbing Pembrokshire

    School group climbing

    St Davids head land

    How sessions run

    You will start off by meeting your Instructor. Once you have been briefed on how the day will go you will get kitted up. The Instructor will give you your own kit to carry up to the crag. After getting to the climbing crag the Instructor may have to set up the rope and system ready for you - this will only take a short while. You will be taught how to belay and be coached on the basics of climbing. Once on the rock you'll pick up the basic skills of movement on rock that are vital to success.

    Climbing West Wales

    Inland climbing

    In the woods 

    Climbing Sea cliffs Wales

    Reaching the top

    Challenge met

    Abseiling at St Davids headland

    Heading down

    Abseiling into a sea cliff climb

    What to bring for the session

    We provide you with:

    All required safety equipment for your Session. (Harness, helmet, rope, and all the bits of metal used to keep you safe)

    Qualified Climbing Instructor.

    We would like you to bring:

    Sensible footwear (if you are unsure please ask).

    Depending upon the weather appropriate clothing.

    If you choose a sea cliff venue it can get cold and some venues can be a distance from a car so please bring a bag to carry some warmer clothes / water.

    Sun cream (yes, even in Wales)

    Camera (optional)We can not guarantee it will stay dry or safe.

    How do we get back to our car

    All of our climbing sessions return to the same location.

    Questions and answers

    Can we do the Activity in the rain?

    Yes - its just water, a lot of the venues dry quickly so if its rained leading up to the session it will be ok. If there is forecast rain we will contact you to arrange either another time or different activity so as not to disappoint.

    Can we change our Activities?

    Yes, you would just need to let us know in advance, and the more notice you give us the more flexible we can be.

    Can I wear contact lenses or glasses?

    Yes: Glasses can be worn but its best to have a leash attached. If they fall off or get broken we can not be held responsible. If they are important to your driving think wisely before taking on session.

    What group sizes can you accommodate?

    Large and small groups can be accommodated please contact us for more information.

    Do you have equipment to fit all sizes?

    Yes - we have a wide range of sizes in all of our equipment. Before you head out on your activities our Instructors will ensure that all equipment fits correctly and they'll make any necessary changes.

    What if I have a medical condition?

    Our Instructors are trained to deal with different situations, so we can easily accommodate people with diabeties, asthma, mild epilepsy, autism and more. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you require a waterproof container to bring medication please let us know in advance.


    We have two main climbing venues:

    St David's Head in Pembrokeshire is our coastal location, just a few miles from the beautiful city of St David's, with the crag overlooking the Irish Sea. St David's Head is the furthest point West in Wales, and on a clear day you can see for miles. Here we can set up multiple climbs to challenge you. You will meet in Whitesands Beach car park, so you could tie in a Surf Session to make a full day of activities.

    Llandysul is our inland location. You'll be climbing at "Captain Kids" crag which is surrounded by forest, with the river Teifi flowing close by. Being so close to the river we can also offer kayaking or tubing to make it a full day of activities.

    We can run climbing in other locations too, in South and West Wales - just drop us a message to see what we can offer.

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