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We can offer you a variety of canoeing activities from a half day to a four day expedition.

Canoeing on the river Teifi Cardigan

Canoe trip

Canoeing on the river Teifi Cardigan

Canoe trip great day out with family Cardigan

Canoe trip

Canoe trip great day out with family

Bring your dog on a Canoe trip River Teifi Cardigan

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Bring your dog on a Canoe trip

Canoeing is one of our more accessible activities and is a really popular choice for people with families of all ages (the minimum age for the activity is dependant upon the size of baby please ask for the weight sizing of our baby buoyancy aid) - so why not bring the whole family along for some fun!

Whether you're looking to learn some canoeing skills, or just looking for a fun and adventurous activity for the whole family to enjoy, why not try this!

Canoeing Days Out - Long Half-day Canoeing

Playing games whilst canoeing Cardigan

An ideal trip for anyone wanting to pack a lot of adventure into a short day / long half-day activity.

Canoe trips start between 9:30-10:30 and last for around four hours. Timings will be confirmed in a follow-up email once you've booked your adventure canoe trip! The canoe trip is aimed to be a relaxing trip down the river... passing through the gorge, stopping for a packed lunch (not provided) and continuing to Cardigan.

This spectacular journey will take you through the Special Area of Conservation known as the Teifi Gorge. The gorge was used for slate quarrying until the less usable slate that had been dumped in the river collected and blocked the gorge off so that no motorised boats could go up the river anymore!

Hopefully on this trip you will have the chance to see some fantastic creatures like Otters, Red Kites, Salmon, Kingfishers and even Red Deer! This trip starts at Llechryd and heads to Cardigan, and it's a great introduction to canoeing.

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Canoeing Days Out - Full day Canoeing

A day out canoeing consists of loading up the canoes with everything that we are going to need for the day ahead.

We get into the canoes around ten in the morning and venture downstream, admiring the backdrop that surrounds us. We aim to give you as much of a canoeing experience as possible, such as experiencing Grade 1-2 Rapids and teaching you as much as possible about the surrounding environment.

If you come on a canoeing day out with Adventure Beyond to explore the River Teifi, we will explore the Teifi Gorge, a derelict slate quarry surrounded by ancient oak and beech forests. Keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife. As the trip continues on, the river widens as we head into an open estuary where the river prepares to meet the sea. If you’d like a break from the canoeing we can stop at a cafe for refreshments near the Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve.

Back onto the river and we pass through the historic town of Cardigan. Once again there is the option to stop for a possible pub lunch or picnic. Continuing down the river we meander around fishing boats through the seaside village of St. Dogmael's. Then the river meets the sea at Cardigan Bay - keep your eyes out here for cormorants paddling around the old ship wrecks. This canoeing day out is ideal for the whole family - it's educational, exciting and it has plenty of options to suit your needs.

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Canoeing Expeditions

We also offer canoeing expeditions for those feeling a bit more adventurous and looking to become more skilled paddlers. Why not come and escape with us on one of our expeditions! We want you to be at one with the river and with your paddling, and really master the art of canoeing and controlling your canoe under the guidance of one of our expert river guides. You will learn the rescue and safety skills that are required to safeguard your welfare while on your river journey. An expedition is a superb way to travel through different landscapes and learn the sport.

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