UK Sea Kayak Expeditions

We use Sea Kayaks for these Expeditions. They are longer than the average kayak with storage compartments in the front and rear of the boat.

With this added length, these kayaks are capable of travelling smoothly through the water and covering distances a lot faster.

You can Expedition in these on various bodies of water:

Coastal paddling is an amazing experience. You get to travel around the Coast, seeing wildlife like seals, dolphins and many variety of birds. 'Explore as you go' is the true experience - here you will find deserted beaches and "otherwise inaccessible" caves to paddle through.

Open Water inland would be locations like the Great Glens Canoe Trail in Scotland. This is a great trip in a kayak, and it's highly recommended that you paddle from one coast to another. We normally start by Fort William and paddle to Inverness on the opposite side of the country.

Rivers - There are numerous rivers around the country where it is suitable to paddle down the river in a Sea Kayak.

During Kayaking Expeditions we will provide qualified staff to train you and to provide safety throughout the whole process. There are a few more skills to learn compared to Walking Expeditions. We have found that this is a fun process to go through, and training normally ends up with good tales and lots of laughing.

Beach camping on sea kayaking expedition.jpg

Pack a tent

Beach Bivi on sea kayaking expedition.jpg

Make your own shelter

Dolphin on sea kayak expedition.jpg

Take a clearer picture of a Dolphin than this! 

Witches cauldron.jpg

Explore the coastline

sea kayak with fishing boat in background.jpg

Keep an eye on navigation

Duo seakayak.jpg

Succeed together as a team



We provide an extensive range of sea-based Expeditions for youth or adult groups. We can provide you with all the equipment you need for an all-inclusive Touring Expedition in the Cardigan Bay or Pembroke Coastal Area. Our Expeditions are outlined in our Sea Kayaking section.

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