Responsible Tourism with Adventure Beyond

Tourism is the world's largest industry accounting for 9% of world GDP accounting for a billion tourists world wide*. This affects Wales as much as anywhere and as a UK based activity provider we recognise that we have an obligation to minimise our impact on the environment we work in. This is especially relevant to us as our main working areas are within two beautiful National Parks. We view our attitude has a social and economic impact in the area that we work and live in and consider it as an essential environmental and social issue.

We are therefore committed to the well being of our community and sustaining the natural environment that supports not only our livelihood but gives us so much pleasure to live in. Our future depends on tourism and our activity operations must be operated in a responsible and sustainable fashion. We therefore operate our business with a philosophy of sustainability towards our environmental and community needs.

Our Responsible Tourism Policy

  • We are dedicated to ensuring that we will minimise damage to the natural environment.
  • We are dedicated that what we take into our local/overseas working environment is taken away with us at the end of our activity period.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring that whenever possible we will even take reasonable steps to remove any waste left behind by others.
  • We are dedicated to promote our staff to take an active interest in environmental conservation issues within our local/host country working area.
  • We are dedicated to supporting our local/overseas communities by using local services and produce.
  • We are dedicated to provide our clients with advice and guidelines on how to respect the social and environmental issues that affect our local/host country community.

*(UNWTO annual report 2015)

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