Covid-19 policy

Covid-19 policy

Due to the current situation we have put this policy in place. It is based on the advice of bodies such as the relevant governing bodies relating to our industry, the WHO, the Welsh Government and the UK Government. Where activities solely take place in England, only the advice and regulations of England are to be followed and adhered to. This policy incorporates the perceived risks regarding the nature of the virus and how it spreads in relation to our operating procedures and the health and safety of both our clientele and that of our staff. Together with the most recent and ongoing advice in conjunction with the current and ongoing related risk assessment, we feel the following can safely be done and help people to stay positive and reassured that we are undertaking everything possible for a safe and enjoyable experience. This policy will be reviewed daily and updated if or as and when required.

Overview of what we know


Booking and pre-session

Session plans and procedure

Covid-19 Changes to the session group size are as follows:

Our Guide will still ensure you are safe during the trip, but the manner in which this is done may be slightly adapted to ensure government guidelines are maintained. All other aspects of the trip will remain the same.This may change as more information becomes available. If you make a booking which changes due to different government advice, we will contact you regarding changes.

After session


Staff pre-work deployment

In-work procedure relating to Covid 19

After the deployment

Our Risk Assessment can be seen at this link:

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