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Our expedition design is tailored to you, by discussing your needs we can provide a memorable trip.

We provide expeditions for complete beginners and the more experienced.

Expeditions can be done in a single or multiple forms of transport:

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Variations to expeditions.

Accompanied or unaccompanied trips.


If you have little to no experience, we can provide fully qualified staff to guide you along the route. This is often the best way to enjoy your expedition in safety with our friendly experienced staff ensuring you are safe no matter what conditions get thrown your way.

Unaccompanied expeditions:

If you have a good deal of experience but would like all the hassle taken out the trip we can facilitate your trip. We can provide the route timings and equipment meeting you along the way to keep you stocked up with lunches where appropriate.


  • Evenings can be spent outside or inside or a mix depending upon route.
  • Routes can be designed so they finish near accomodation and food if this is your prefered choice.
  • Alternatively if camping out is your thing we can arrange to stay at campsite or wild camp where possible.
  • If you don't have a tent we can offer either Tipi's or hammocks to spend the night in.



UK River Expeditions

We offer Canadian Canoe or Kayak expeditions on the following rivers;

  • River Wye

  • River Teifi

  • River Thames

  • River Severn

UK Sea Expeditions

We offer sea kayaking expeditions in the following areas;

  • Cardigan bay

  • Pembroke national park coastline

UK Land Expeditions

We offer hiking expeditions in the following areas;

  • Snowdon

  • Pembroke

  • Brecon Beacons

  • Mid Wales

We can tailor our expeditions to a date or duration of your choosing as long as we have sufficient time to cater for the logistic nature of your request. If you want to find out more about our bespoke adventure expeditions or if you have any other queries then contact us now.

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