Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Canoe Expeditions

We offer Canoe Expeditions for teams at any level of Award, with no previous experience needed.

This is a clip of our team running the river Teifi ahead of a Gold DofE Group. We went ahead of them to ensure that there were no major hazards in the water, keeping the group safe whilst still giving them the independence they so enjoyed.

Expedition in a Canoe varies, depending on your choice of route:

Open Water

A good example of this would be the 'Great Glen' Canoe Trail in Scotland. It runs from coast to coast (it's a rare one to say you have paddled from one side of a country to the other). It is a stunning route taking in views of Ben Nevis and being up close and personal with Loch Ness. During the training for this trip we teach you all you need to know, including improvised sailing just in case there happens to be a nice breeze. Wildcamp on Night One is breathtaking - you wake up looking out across the water to see the remaining snow near the summit of Ben Nevis for most of the year.

River Running

We run training to a high standard so that groups can be independent during their Expeditions. If you have never canoed before then River Running is a great way to see the countryside. By packing all your kit in 'dry bags' you are able to travel good distances, seeing the countryside change as you head down river. There are various rivers around the UK which are long enough to support your Expedition. For more information contact us by phone or email.


All around the country there are canals that are ideal, whether for first timers heading out on a Bronze Award, of for groups to do their initial training before heading out on a river.

During Canoe Expeditions

We will provide qualified staff to train and to provide safety throughout the whole process. There are a few more skills to learn compared to a Walking Expedition. We have found that this is a fun process to go through, and training normally ends up with good tales being told and lots of laughing.

We have found that this can be a great alternative to Walking Expeditions, especially for those who cannot physically walk for a long time - using a canoe for their expedition allows them to still achieve their goal of completing their DofE Awards.

Improvised canoe sailing

Group using improvised sails on the Great Glen Canoe Trail.

Canoe balance game

We make training safe and fun - all in one

Canoeing down the Wye

Working hard on the river

We tailor all training to the proposed Expeditions to be undertaken. With this in mind it is worth thinking through some ideas for your Expedition. You can also talk through some options with us.

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