Adventure Beyond is well located to take full advantage of the consistent and world renowned surf in South and West Wales.

A little history 

We have been introducing people to our surf sessions since 1997. Our surf sessions are delivered by experienced and trained instructors, some of whom have travelled to destinations such as California, Western Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Canaries and Western Europe in search of the perfect wave. Despite all the travelling, they keep coming back to West Wales to take advantage of the year round Atlantic rollers.

Our Surf Sessions

We will meet you at the beach working your needs around the tides, winds and height of the swell to ensure you have the best possible chance of riding a wave. You will be provided with a winter wetsuit and once we have had a warm-up we'll discuss the basic physics of surfing. Are surfing sessions are great for all ages and for all abilities, we will start you off by teaching you the basic skills so you can go off and practice them next time you have a board in your hand.  


group surf

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What to bring to your Session

Getting Started

This is ideal for a fun day out with friends, a birthday party, or a stag or hen do!

On the beach we'll practice the 3 stages of getting to your feet;

- Paddling for a wave; trying to match the speed of the wave to pick up its energy.

- Planning; gathering speed and stability ready to stand.

- The Pop Up; getting to your feet without losing speed or balance.

You will soon learn that it is all about timing and balance but it takes time to master and you will have your own share of wipe outs on the way.

Walking on Water!

Surfing really does have a steep learning curve so don't be surprised if you're not standing up straight away. Your instructor is at hand throughout the session to give encouragement and help you achieve better rides. It may be that you're trying to pop too early or you're too far forward on the board or your wave selection needs work, never mind as our experts will help you all the way.

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Improving surfers

Our instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, which goes beyond basic introductory sessions. If you have some experience but need a helping hand, want to change boards or move onto surfing reefs or river mouths or start turning on green waves we can offer low ratio surf coaching sessions with British Surfing Association trained coaches, video feedback and a large helping of local knowledge and experience.


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