Raft Building

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Join us for a castaway experience...

Raft Building is a problem-solving activity that combines both your cognitive and physical skills. It's one of the best team-building activities.

Whatever your personal goal, this activity will impact positively on all members of the group involved in the activity.

We use a lake or a slow-moving river. This can be a standalone activity, although lots of groups add this to another activity to make a full day.

raft build

raft build

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What's the aim?

The aim is to work together to make your own 'team raft', and then get from the start point to the end point (trying to stay dry if you can).

We will show you all the knots needed and, if required, let you know different configurations of the raft.

Generally the people who benefit from it the most are groups of people looking to see how well they work as a team and wanting to improve their teamwork. During the session, this unique activity will build people's confidence, social and physical skills and will allow people to come out of their shells, showing us who the natural leaders are.

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