River Kayaking


"Run the Rapids" experience

Kayaking is great fun, especially on moving water. Our sessions are centered around making sure you, the client, have the most amount of fun, whilst still learning key skills in a safe environment. We provide you with sit-on-top kayaks which make getting on and off easier, and they are also much more stable than sit-in kayaks. This is a great activity for those aged 8+ and is perfect for those wanting an adrenaline-filled activity.

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What to bring to your Session

Coached Kayaking session

As well as "Run the Rapids" we can also provide Full Coached Sessions with sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks with all equipment provided. These sessions are focused on giving you the key skills of paddling so you feel more confident in a kayak on moving water. We hope that the skills you've learnt in the session can help you on your way whilst kayaking in the future. During these sessions we can use different rivers depending on your experience. 

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Kayak skills


How the session runs:

  • You meet your Instructor and get kitted up.
  • Listen to the safety briefing.
  • Learn how to control your kayak in a safe relaxed environment.
  • A little more about safety, specific to the river.
  • You start off your journey down the river.



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