Bush Craft

Bush craft popcorn in the pot

What is the difference between 'Bush Craft' and 'Survival'?

Quite simply, Bush Craft is when survival skills are learnt and practiced, so if in the unfortunate event that you need to survive in the wild, you will have both the knowledge and the skills to apply them to your situation.

Bush Craft has been increasing in popularity since it has been shown on TV with presenters like Bear Grylls and Ray Mears. It's great to see so many people finding an interest in the Great Outdoors through this outlet.

We offer:

  • Half day introduction
  • Full Weekends or weekdays
  • 'All in' is where we combine Bush Craft with an expedition either by canoe or walking

We have found the sessions run best when they revolve around your background and experience. All of our Staff are highly experienced and have a great depth of knowledge which can be applied to your session. Minimum age 6.

We cover various topics in the session, these can include:

  • Fire lighting:
    • Fire by friction (various methods).
    • Steel and flint.
    • Electric.
    • Chemical.
  • Wood processing:
    • Knives.
    • Axes.
    • Saws.
  • Shelter building:
    • 'Survival Style', starting with nothing but learning how to use the natural materials around you.
    • Using tarps and hammocks.
  • Water and food:
    • Making/collecting drinking water.
    • Food preparation and eating small game.

What to bring to your Session

Shelter build

Improvised shelter using tarp and canoe paddle

We aim to teach shelter-building with a variety of materials, both natural and manufactured all of which are improvised for the needs of location and weather.

Basic tools for the session

chopping wood using a batton

Safety and best practice is paramount when using knives, axes and saws.


fire by friction

Test out your skills in our bushcraft area - can you light a 'friction fire'?

Contact us for information about bespoke sessions tailored to your group!

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