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Training and Coaching Course Dates

Whether you are looking for personal coaching or looking at progressing by following structured courses we will be able to accommodate you. We run courses generally by request for this to happen just email or phone to let us know what you require.

Alternatively please contact us to check availability on any of the following courses.  




16th-17th November 2016

The WWS&R training course is designed for all paddlers operating in a moderate to advanced white water environment in either kayak or canoe. In addition, the training is required for those seeking their 4 star leader (white water or open canoe) award.

The objective is to provide the underpinning knowledge and teach simple and safe practical skills that can be applied appropriately. By it’s nature the course is very ‘hands on’ and should not usually contain much classroom work. Any theory should be short riverside sessions, the duration of which will be naturally limited.

Course Aims:

  • To improve individuals awareness of safety skills in the river environment.
  • To teach personal survival skills.
  • To teach throwline rescue techniques.
  • To understand the need for structure in an emergency situation.
  • To outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others.
  • To introduce & develop the ‘clean rope’ principle.



26th-27th November 2016

More information for the course can be seen here.

What will the training course involve?

The 4 star leader training course will introduce the basics of safe group leadership; such as identifying hazards, effective group communication, positioning yourself for likely rescue scenarios and so on. The course will look at safety and rescue techniques within the context of leadership, but it will not be the focus of the course, as you will have to attend a White Water Safety and Rescue course prior to assessment. The course will also ensure that you have the personal skills to be a safe leader in moderate conditions, and where necessary the coach will help you to identify areas that need some work, providing you with an action plan on how to tackle those areas before your assessment.

For more on what to expect on a 4 Star Open Canoe Leader training course, please read:-

4 Star Leader Award - Open Canoe - Syllabus