Team Bonding

Team Bonding using fun activities to promote closer team work through shared experiences.

Setting up the rope work for filming

Postman walk

Rigging ropes

Bags set for abseil event


The rock face used for I'm a Celeb

Wire ladder cliff climb

Ladder challenge

Cliff climbing event

This is a behind the scene on dont rock the boat

Getting ready

Would you like to do take the challenge?

Denise Lewis on Dont rock the boat challenge.

Via ferrata

Denise Lewis on Dont rock the boat challenge

Denise Lewis on Dont rock the boat

This is just the start

Its all up from here on out

Postmans walk over the sea to tiny island

Postman walk

Walking across the void

Tyrolean traverse Scotland

Tyrolean Traverse

Safely moving around the cliffs

Celebs on shoot

Can you do the challenge

Try it your selves

Coasteering cliff jumping

Cliff jumping

whilst coasteering

While many companies require tailored activity courses with specific training requirements, we have found that a lot of companies and organisations just need some fun to help motivate them and their team. As modern business becomes increasingly dependent on technology we lose the opportunity to communicate 'face to face', and inter-personal skills can be forgotten. During your time with us you will have no choice but to communicate with each other, to motivate and encourage one another, and to laugh together!

With our ability to think outside the box and challenge people in a safe, fun manner, this has lead to us working with a number of the UK's top TV Celebrity shows such as “don’t rock the boat and Im a celeb”. Many people watching things on tv look at it and either think that looks fun or wow that looks tough.

Would you like to test your self and see what it is really like, or just for the humour of watching the person who said "that's easy I would do that, I don't know what all the fuss is about"

You will experience some of the best activities Wales has to offer. You can have a 'high octane' adrenaline-packed adventure or a more sedate outing - the choice is yours. You can choose from any of the activities we offer and build them into a fun packed day out for your team.

We have the experience in organising and delivering bespoke activity packages for a range of client needs. The events can be run at locations all over the UK. If you have anything in mind we love to hear new ideas so make we make it happen.

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