One Day Team Build

1 Day Corporate Team Building Activity

This event is designed to fit in with your busy diary; we can bring the equipment to a location near you and run the day from there.

Our aim during the day is to get your mind working and to promote you to 'think outside the box' in order to complete a series of cognitive related challenges as part of a team. Your group will learn valuable skills and our experienced Instructors will help your group to evaluate problems and develop skills to overcome them. Our tasks are fun and unique to Adventure Beyond.

The learning outcomes range from simple to complex. We aim to provide you with the opportunity to learn fundamental lessons in how to motivate and mould your team into an efficiant unit. Each task is designed to develop individual and team skills.

By the end of the day we hope you will go home having acquired new skills or having developed those you already possess. You will most definitely go home with a new found appreciation of your colleagues and friends!

Example: A team will go through many phases, and there are countless team building models and theories available. One theme used is known as;

"Storming, Norming and Performing"

We start at the 'Storming' phase - we pool ideas for task completion, looking at the challenge from all sides to work out the most logical way of completing the task. At the 'Norming' stage, suggestions become methods and the final plan is worked out. Using clear and concise communication methods, team members are each given clear instruction in their role ready for the 'Performing' stage. The 'Performing' involves the 'task completion' element of the activity, and although this is the fun part, the lessons learnt here can be crucial to the future performance of your team.

Our aim is to equip your team with additional skills that will be of use to you in the workplace, such as 'leadership styles', 'team work profile' (visualist, theorist, pragmatist...), 'communication techniques' and self confidence. Managers often find this can be a useful opportunity to gain an insight into the real characters behind their workforce.

For more information on our team building activities please contact us.

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