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Over the last year we have all faced challenges with the impact of Covid-19

Although no one knows where this is heading, in the future, we at Adventure beyond believe it is important to be positive and plan for the future. We have seen many adaptations to our running of the business, at the forefront, it has always been positive outlook.

There are so many people and businesses affected it would be impossible to look at every change.

From a personal point of view, there have been increases in mental health worries and fitness levels which further increases the damage the virus has caused even for those who have not contracted it.

From a business point of view, I don't need to explain how this has affected you as all companies have found their own and shared troubles, but there is something that we can offer which might be of interest.

We have spent a lot of time putting into practice, events which allow teams to bond in a way which is difficult at the moment. By being thorough in our delivery and preparation, we have managed to mitigate exposure as best as we can. Allowing teams to feel part of the team and share experiences together bring a sense of place, increasing spirits and uniting teams together.

By having an event, there are so many positive outcomes just by having something to look forward to will increase staff moral. But on a personal note, the physical activity will be a benefit not only physically, but most definately mentally, whist as a company, the benefits of having a motivated, happy team are priceless.

Previous corporate clients include:

Ministry of defence
Red Bull
Twentieth Century Fox
i Hasco
Arriva trains Wales
Cotswold outdoor
TATA Steel
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