White Water Rafting

One of our most popular water sports, White Water Rafting is great fun!

Come and join the excitement with us at Adventure Beyond.

White Water Rafting is one of our most popular activities, and it's easy to see why.

With just the right mix of exhilarating fast water and gentle paddling, our white water rafting sessions are one of the best ways to be introduced to this adrenaline-packed sport. On this adventure you will have the chance to paddle down some of the best white water in the UK, the Teifi River in West Wales, where the UK Raft Championships were held back in 2012.

White water Rafting lesson basics Wales

Before the river

We learn control in a safe environment

White Water Rafting Wales

Rafting fun

Heading down Henllan falls

White water Rafting down Henllan falls Wales

Smiles all-round

Last drop before the exit

This is a great activity for all the family, but it's also very physical and, because of this, the required minimum age is 8 years old. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service to provide white water rafting to unaccompanied under-18's, so this makes a great activity for schools and colleges.

How does the session run?

After an informative briefing, you will start learning how to steer your raft as a team, before being launched straight into the action as you make your first drop into real white water.

Each raft will have a fully qualified Instructor guiding.

White Water Rafting is an activity which usually lasts for 3+ hours.

Our sessions run from one location to another on the River Teifi in West Wales, and during the trip you will travel through the beautiful Welsh countryside.

There are three sections of rapids during the trip, starting on a Grade 2 before having a fun trip following the river round bends and playing games, then reaching a Grade 3 Rapid. After this there is a shorter length through the countryside before finishing the trip heading down a Grade 4 Rapid.

To make the White water rafting trip viable we require a minimum of 4 People to be in the raft.

If you are an adventurous couple and don't have enough people, you are not alone - this is a common question. We have started a list of people who require other members to join together with them to make up a group. We can put you on the list, and we would then try to make up a group for whenever you're available to play.

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