Adventure Racing

Adventure race challenge

Try our 'mix and match' Adventure Racing events and mix up your activities or let us create a bespoke event just for you. Our multi-activity extravaganzas will guarantee you the time of your life and burn off a few calories in the process.

Adventure Racing is a combination of two or more Endurance Activities. We can provide you with an event that entails a mix of activities that can include any of the following disciplines: kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking and running. We can also throw in a couple of cognitive-type challenges into the pot along with a raft-build or an abseil. If you want to we can even include a few undisclosed 'surprises' along the way.

We can create an event to suit your group or needs or you can pick from one of our bespoke adventure events. You can just go out to complete any of our events or better still we can pit your wits and endurance against another team.

Here is a selection of what we can offer.

Brecon Beacons Triple Treat

Biking biking the gap Brecon beacons nation park

Mountain biking section 

just after the Gap

Starting from the beautiful market town of Brecon we will set you off on a ten kilometre canoe section along the Brecon-Monmouth canal. Moving on from this we will get you on some mountain bikes for a twenty five kilometre mountain bike ride along a mountain bike route that is regarded as one of the great British classics. When you finish this we will tell you to get your boots on to hike to the top of Pen Y Fan on a sixteen kilometre hike trail that the nation's best warriors use to test themselves on. If you have any energy left after our triple treat event then we will feed you some kryptonite!

Cost per person (minimum of ten persons): From £95.

Cost per person for bike hire (if rental is required): From £25.

The Ten 'K' Mission

Abseiling during the Ten "K" Mission

Abseiling is just a part

There is loads more to this challenge

Here in the vicinity of one of our beautiful reservoirs we will set you a scenario where you will have to complete a 'mission'. You will have to complete this mission over a ten kilometre course on foot or bike but along the way you will be given a series of demanding cognitive and physical tasks to complete. Without giving too much away we just hope you are fit and don't mind being in dark places or being dangled off ropes! This event is challenging and great fun, and we're sure you will want to come back for more.

Cost per person (minimum of ten persons): From £75.

Cost per person for bike hire (if rental is required): From £25.

Bike and Hike Three Peaks

Snowdon summit from the Miners track

Great view to share

Its even better in person

Well if you have the energy to complete this event then we will be impressed. Everybody knows about the Welsh Three Peaks where you hike up Snowdon, Cadair Idris and Pen Y Fan in a single day. Well we have taken it a step further. We have taken the concept of the Welsh Three Peaks and added a bike route in between. Over a three day period we will take you on a supported hike and bike ride through Wales.

Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1. Hike up Snowdon and bike to Dolgellau.
  • Day 2. Hike up Cadair Idris and bike to Rhayader.
  • Day 3. Bike to Brecon and hike up Pen Y Fan.

During this event you will traverse literally the whole of Wales by bike (approx 150 miles) and summit some of its highest and most beautiful mountains (total ascent of approx 6,000'). We will provide you with a support team that includes a vehicle to carry your kit, driver and a qualified Bike Guide who will accompany you throughout the event. You can use your own bikes or we can supply them for you.

Accommodation wise, we can put you up in B&B's along the way or you can save costs by staying at campsites where you can cater for yourself. In regard to the latter we will take away the worry or hassle and book the sites for you. Whatever your option, it is a superb and challenging three day outing.

Cost per person (min of ten persons): From £135 for support crew only - no bike hire.

Cost per person (min of ten persons): From £155 for support crew and campsite bookings - no bike hire.

Cost per person (min of ten persons): From £275 for support crew and B&B - no bike hire.

Cost per person per day for bike hire (if rental is required): From £25.

Getting to North Wales

We're very flexible with our travel arrangements and can take a number of people with our supplied support team. If you live in the West Wales or South Wales area this might suit your travel arrangements. Otherwise you will need to take your own transport to the start of the event and have it available at the finish. You will of course need your own support driver for this.

The West Coast Challenge

Standing in Canoe through rapid

Doing it your way

This is not everyones choice:-)

If you want to travel a bit further west to our beautiful West Wales coastline then why not try our unique West Coast Challenge. Here you will

  • Navigate the Preseli hills for 10 km
  • Cycle to the river 10 km
  • Paddle the river Teifi for 10 km into the sea
  • Jog the coastal path for around 10 km
  • Coasteer the next section for 2 km

Or the longer version for those who are after an epic challenge.

This three day event was run along the coast of West Wales; 

  • A river paddle along the river Teifi for 20km to the sea,
  • A 65km Coastal/ hill road on road cycle,
  • A 30km coastal path run,
  • Another 50km on the road cycle,
  • A 35km coastal path hike

Variations to the above

You may not want to do all of this so, should you want to discuss a variation to any of the above events or should you want us to compile a bespoke individual event just for your group then feel free to get in touch with us.

If you want to know more about any of our activity sessions then phone us, email us, send your message by carrier pigeon even, it doesn't matter to us - we would just love to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch.

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